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Pete Hickman
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Meet the founder of Modern Music Learning, Peter Hickman. My passion for teaching music led me to establish this endeavor, driven by a desire to impart knowledge in a way that is not only innovative but also creative, meaningful, and, most importantly, fun.

Embracing progress and new ideas, I am dedicated to incorporating the latest technology into music education. At Modern Music Learning, we utilize the most up-to-date music software and programs to offer an inclusive and enjoyable learning experience for aspiring musicians.

I firmly believe that everyone possesses a musical essence, and music serves as a powerful tool for cognitive development. It has the potential to enhance school performance, social skills, and overall intelligence in children. My ultimate goal is to bring happiness into people's lives through the transformative power of music. If we can achieve that, our mission at Modern Music Learning is fulfilled.

Peter Hickman - Director 

Meet the Team

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