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4 Reasons to Learn How to Play Guitar

Updated: Jun 25

Music is the background to most of our lives. We listen to it from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. Creating music yourself is even more soothing and beneficial, and no instrument is as fun as the guitar! But, what’s the point of learning how to play the guitar? Investing in guitar lessons for beginners can be off-putting, as can the price of purchasing the instrument. Not to worry, though – this article explains all, including why this investment is worth it in the long-term. Continue reading for more. 

1. Creative Expression 

Expressing your emotions and thoughts is essential to living a good and happy life, where your wellbeing is at the forefront. There’s no easier and more fun way to express yourself than through a creative pursuit like the guitar, where you can write and play your own songs, fingerpick melodies and even strum chords that reflect your current attitude. The more you work on your creative expression, the more peaceful and in-tune with yourself that you become.  

2. Stress Relief and Relaxation 

Playing the guitar is often a repetitive and therapeutic activity that provides you with much-needed stress relief and relaxation. This is extremely important when we consider the hustle and bustle of a busy week at school or work. If you’re feeling anxious, rather than dwell on that feeling, try immersing yourself in music instead. Playing the guitar enables you to focus on the present moment through strumming, and consequently brings you a greater sense of inner peace.  

3. Social Connection 

Humans are social creatures, and without friends, many of us find our lives to be lacking. A guitar provides a special point of connection between you and others. When you learn how to play, social opportunities in the thousands open up before you! Join a band, attend an open mic night, jam with guitar-playing friends – the potential is endless, as guitar playing is brilliant for uniting people. This hobby becomes a lifelong source of social and emotional enrichment, not to mention how much you learn from other masters of the instrument.  

4. Cognitive Growth and Development 

As mentioned above, mastering the guitar is a brilliant way to learn new things and enhance your cognitive growth and development. As you achieve new musical goals, not only do you demonstrate patience and dedication, you develop your muscle memory, build confidence, coordination and memory; all qualities that serve you as a child, and benefit you even more the older you get. 

Interested in guitar lessons for beginners? If your child is eager to take on a new hobby, or you want to expand your musical horizons, Modern Music Learning can help. Contact us for more information about our guitar lessons for beginners, and what our expertly-led curriculum looks like. Assuredly, we can’t wait to help you on your musical journey!

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