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Is the Ukulele Easy for Kids to Learn?

Updated: Jun 25

Is the ukulele an easy instrument for kids to learn? The answer is an emphatic YES! Ukuleles only have four strings, can be played using a pick or your fingers, and are very easy to tune. Rest assured, there’s no drawback to learning this instrument. 

With the help of  Modern Music Learning, here’s everything your child should know about a ukulele before they start: 

1. Patience is key 

Before learning any instrument, your child must be prepared to be patient and dedicated to their new craft. Ukuleles are the easiest to learn when you approach this instrument with the right mindset! Even short practice sessions of around 15 minutes a day are enough for your child to show marked improvement over time. 

2. Tune your ukulele before every practice 

The standard tuning for a ukulele is GCEA. Your child should tune before every practice or ukulele lesson, because this is how they train their ear to what sounds right and what doesn’t! 

YouTube is very helpful for learning how to tune when starting out, although notes that are in tune always sound bright and clear. 

3. Revise the basic chords 

Knowing basic chords on a ukulele enables your child to make their own music. They’re foundational to any tune! Simple chords that must be revised include C Major, A Minor, F Major, G Major and A Major. Of course, there’s also E and D Major and Minor – but a student shouldn’t feel pressured to revise everything all at once! Learning the ukulele should be fun, and taken one step at a time. 

4. Practice strumming patterns 

When you think of a ukulele, the strumming movement is probably the first thing that pops into your head. There’s motions for strumming up, and strumming down! A simple example of a strumming pattern is:

D U D U 

Other variations include:

D D U or D U U

Practicing strumming patterns will help your child to stay on beat when they play, and we highly recommend purchasing a metronome to help keep them on track. 

Although learning a new instrument can be daunting, the benefits they can bring to a child’s life are innumerable. You improve your cognitive skills, your dexterity, your ability to understand rhythm and tempo – all of these are qualities that can improve your life in the long-term. Ukulele lessons for beginners are absolutely a worthwhile investment.

Now you know exactly how easy a ukulele is to learn and enjoy, don’t waste any time booking your child onto ukulele lessons for beginners in Auckland! 

As with any instrument, the sooner you start, the better you become. Contact us at Modern Music Learning for more information into our lessons, curriculum and how our caring instructors can help you.

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