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Should You Learn Ukulele Before Learning the Guitar?

Updated: May 21

Are you interested in learning guitar, but are wondering if it’s better to learn ukulele before guitar? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place!

Here at Modern Music Learning, we provide inclusive and enjoyable music lessons for aspiring musicians.

So, is it better to learn guitar or ukulele first?

The Differences Between A Ukulele And Guitar

There may be some individuals who argue that ukulele can be a good way to learn guitar - however, it’s important to note that these two instruments are similar, but also different in many ways. Some differences to take into account are:

  • Size - ukuleles are smaller than guitars, making them easier to hold

  • Strings - ukuleles have 4 strings, whereas the guitar has 6

  • Tuning - standard tuning of a ukulele is gCEA, while the guitar is EADGBE

Does Learning Ukulele Help With Guitar?

When it comes to whether it is easy to learn guitar after ukulele, the answer can depend. Although the instruments have many differences, learning ukulele first can offer several benefits, including:

  • Perfect for beginners - if you haven’t played any instrument before, learning the ukulele might be a great choice for you, especially as it is less intimidating and less complex

  • Transferable skills - many skills are transferable between ukulele and guitar, such as hand coordination and techniques, music theory, and more 

  • Gentler strings - ukulele strings are gentler than guitar strings, which can help you familiarise yourself with the feeling of pressing down on the strings and developing calluses

Which To Learn First?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can take advantage of the benefits of learning ukulele first, but at the same time, this can also be time consuming and may only be worthwhile if you have time to learn both instruments.

Either way, the skills that you learn from the ukulele and guitar are transferable! The learning curve that you encounter can easily be navigated with music lessons from a skilled music teacher…

At Modern Music Learning, we offer a wide selection of quality music lessons for all ages. This includes both ukulele and guitar lessons. No matter if you’re trying to learn ukulele or improve your guitar skills, our experienced music teachers are here to help. Grow your passion for music with Modern Music Learning. Enrol with us today!

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