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Singing Lessons

Best Value

Individual Program | 1 TERM 10 lessons



30 minute lesson with Qualified tutor | From Ages 6-12 yrs, Teens & Adult - GST excluded

Valid until canceled

Piano | Keyboard





Bass Guitar

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.”  


Ella Fitzgerald

The human voice, a universal instrument residing within us all, holds limitless potential. From the soulful resonance of Beyoncé to Freddie Mercury's powerful notes and the raw, unearthed beauty of Bob Dylan to the haunting melodies of Jeff Buckley, singing serves as the window into the soul behind all music.

Join us for singing lessons led by our expert instructors, delving into a diverse array of musical styles such as Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Funk, and beyond. Expect regular feedback and step-by-step guidance through our educational videos.

Embark on a musical journey where you learn exactly what you desire, all while having a blast with us!

Ready to let your voice soar?


ENROL NOW or reach out via call at 021 407 986 or email.


Uncover the magic within your voice! 🎤🌟🎶

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