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Piano & Keyboard Lessons 

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Individual Program | 1 TERM 10 lessons



30 minute lesson with Qualified tutor | From Ages 6-12 yrs, Teens & Adult - GST excluded

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Piano | Keyboard





Bass Guitar

''I believe in using the entire piano as a single instrument capable of expressing every possible musical idea".


Oscar Peterson

The piano and keyboard serve as ideal instruments for delving into and comprehending music as a whole. From the timeless compositions of Beethoven to the contemporary stylings of Elton John, from the soulful melodies of Nina Simone to the modern sounds of Alicia Keys, the piano stands as a versatile and powerful instrument. It finds its place in classical orchestras, contemporary pop/rock bands, or even as a standalone powerhouse.

Our expert teachers offer lessons covering a diverse range of musical styles, including Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Funk, and more. With regular feedback and guided instructions through our educational videos, you have the opportunity to tailor your learning experience.

At our school, the emphasis is on making learning enjoyable. You'll have the flexibility to explore the music you love, and most importantly, we'll ensure it's a fun and engaging journey! 

Ready to embark on your musical exploration?

ENROL NOW or connect with us at 021 407 986 or via email.

Let the musical adventure begin! 🎹🎵✨

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