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5 Easy-To-Learn Piano Songs for All Skill Levels

Updated: 1 day ago

Keyboard Piano Lesson

Learning piano is a wonderful way to enrich your child’s life both educationally and personally. Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of learning the piano is being able to play and conduct your own pieces, but of course, the learning journey wouldn’t be complete without learning a few songs along the way. Here are just a few that are perfect for those in piano classes for beginners.


Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

It’s a beautiful love song, and it’s surprisingly easy to pick it up at beginner level. You might even impress the one you’ve got a crush on with your excellent talents. Sometimes the simplest songs are the most profound, and this modern classic from Bruno Mars is a testament.


Feist - 1234


Another song that’s beautiful in its simplicity, and therefore perfect to learn for kids and beginners alike. It’s impossible to finish playing this song and feel unhappy too. It just can’t be done. You can really put some spring in your step.


The Beatles - Let It Be


The classics are always worth learning, whether it’s during kids’ piano classes, or simply piano classes for beginners of any age, The Beatles have some timeless classics. Simple, yet powerful - a Beatles speciality.


Beethoven - Fur Elise


One of classical music’s most-learned songs at beginner level, it’s easy to see why this is the case. Its smooth melody makes it instantly recognisable, yet it will still sound highly impressive despite its relative ease compared to other classical pieces.


Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah


Whether you know this song through Cohen, Jeff Buckley, or even Shrek, learning it may not be as big a challenge as you might think. As devastating as it is beautiful, it won’t be as jolly as the song at number 2, but it’s still worth learning nonetheless.


At Modern Music Learning, we can provide lessons for anyone, from piano classes for beginners to more advanced students of guitar, and anyone in between whatever their instrument may be. For more information, and to see about a free trial for your child or children, check out our website.

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