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Is Learning Keyboard the Same as Piano (& What’s The Difference)?

Updated: Apr 19

For parents choosing which instrument they would like their children to learn, it’s generally a choice between piano and guitar. Some brave souls may even opt for the drum kit or the violin - the kinds of instruments that can’t be silenced through the use of headphones. But what about giving your child the chance to learn keyboard? Is it any different from the piano?

The differences between keyboard and piano

When it comes to how to learn to play the keyboard, there are some significant differences between that and the piano, despite the common misconception that they are practically the same. The primary difference is that the piano is acoustic, whereas the keyboard is electric. As such, the piano has weighted keys, whereas the keyboard can afford lighter weight keys due to its power source.

The piano can improve finger strength on the one hand (quite literally), but on the other hand, it can be expensive to constantly need to tune the piano. When you play keyboard, it needs no tuning or considerable maintenance in the same way. This is before we mention the fact that you can change the sound on the keyboard, meaning you are not just stuck with one sound. Furthermore, backing tracks allow you to experiment more with rhythm and texture.

Generally speaking, keyboards are considerably cheaper on purchase and in terms of maintenance, and you can often find one for under $300. Furthermore, a lot of the skills learnt on keyboard can certainly be adapted for the piano should your child decide to take that path at some point in the future, given that the instruments have enough similarity between them to be adaptable to one another.

At Modern Music Learning, we can provide lessons for anyone, whether they are at the beginning of their musical journey, or some way down the road. We believe there’s an instrument for absolutely everyone, and we aim to inspire the next generation to realise their potential. For more information, and to see about a free trial for your child or children, check out our website.

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