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Music Lessons vs Sports Teams: What’s Best for Your Child?

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Music Lessons

For parents the world over, being able to say you gave your child the best chance of success is of paramount importance, but how can you know which area they will be best suited to at the early stage of their development? Whether it’s music, sport, or any other activity, ensuring your child can gain invaluable knowledge while enjoying themselves must be the priority.


Music or Sports?


Generally speaking, musical instruments encourage patience, focus, and creativity, with those able to play instruments often more likely to think outside the box. These skills can inevitably come in extremely handy later on in life, as well as during your child’s formative years. This is also true of sports, but it ultimately depends on how interested your child is in the physical as well as the mental aspect.


After all, you would assume sport to be the only physical option of the two outlined here, but there are instruments like drums, which provide considerable mental and physical challenge. That said, many drummers would argue it the most enjoyable challenge possible when it comes to focus, physical endurance, hand-eye-foot coordination, and so much else in between.


Both music and sports require a certain level of discipline, though the former generally only requires it from oneself. The same could be said of sports if it’s a solo sport, though generally speaking, the team aspect is a considerable draw of sport. Learning and developing social skills, as well as communication and teamwork are huge in child development.


Ultimately the choice between sports or music is a tough one, but following your instinct is key. Allowing your child to try both sports and music classes and getting a sense of what they enjoy is the key to making the right decision for all parties.


At Modern Music Learning, we can provide lessons for anyone, from piano classes for beginners to more advanced students of guitar, and anyone in between whatever their instrument may be. For more information, and to see about a free trial for your child or children, check out our website.

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